wr seat and tank conversion to yz

Hi i'm wanting to change my 2000wr 400 seat and tank to yz. i'm wondering what year of seat,tanks i can use and if i need to change the rad shrouds. I want to keep the wr stuff for endurance. I know this topic has been beat to death, but just asking.

Thank you

you need a tank for a 2K bike. You WILL need a YZ seat as well (SDG, IMS, Yamaha OEM, etc.)

If you need the capacity (OEM YZ is 1.9 gallons) go Clarke, IMS, ACERBIS, TY Davis oversize.

You will STILL need the seat though!

You will be floored by the improved ergo's!!!

98 to 02 will work.

you can use your WR shrouds

Thanks I found one.

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