Yz 400f clutch

Hey everyone my clutch was starting to wear out so I picked up a replacement it's a tusk clutch kit so I removed the old one and installed the new one and now the when u pull the clutch handle the plates don't move its almost like the push rod is to short now and all the parts of the clutch Assembly are in the correct places according to the shop manual any help would be awesome

Are you sure you didnt lose the ball at end of push rod when you pulled it apart

Ya I have all the parts the manual says I need to have I think there may be a shim at the back of the basket I never even removed the push rod

U dont have to remove the push rod for the ball to fall out

Which ball is that?



Ya I think the tusk kit has thicker plates I didn't check if there's spacers behind my clutch if there is I'll pull them out

Don't remove the heavy washer between the basket and boss (#11).


Tusk clutches are a pile, IMO.  You get a far better product by using genuine Yamaha.  That being said, be certain that the kit was specifically labeled to fit a YZ450 and not 14 other models.  Compare the number of plates you have in the new and old stack, and leave out the extra pair if there is one. 


You may also want to compare the thickness of the new plates with the factory specs:

Friction plates:  .107-.113" (2.72-2.88MM)  (except the last plate on the outside, which is .115-.121" (2.92-3.08MM)

Steel plates:  .043-.051" (1.1 - 1.3MM)

No I left it I got it all sorted out I'll try it Tm and see how it is I love the bike and would not mind buying a recluse for it I just can't find one the bike is a one of a kind I thought the tusk kit would be good guess not is there any other brands you would recommend other then Yamaha my local dealer is a total rip off

Oem clutch pack is the best value

Buy it on line 

Google search 'yamaha parts fiche' and pick a company.

I like Bike Bandit, Partsfish, and Yamahapart......


Bike Bandit is faster, but more expensive.


Yamahapart takes about 10 days typically.

Awesome thank you krannie

TT Store online.  BTW, there's no complete kit for the YZ400 as there is with the later models, so you have to get the parts individually.  Even so, in terms of function and durability, genuine Yamaha is hard to beat at any price.

Thank you gray I wouldn't mind buying the Yamaha stuff it's just the one dealer in my area is so badly over priced there's only one other dealer near buy and its 90 mins from my house

Ya that's tusk clutch is dead not even 10 hours there total junk

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