Make yz426f into trail bike

So my previous bike was a 1981 xr250r and about a week ago I bought a 2001 yz426f and it is a whole different machine I like the bike but I mostly do a lot of trail riding. The front suspension is pretty stiff is there a way to adjust it or do I have to buy new springs? And it also doesn't do very good when trying to slow down for big bumps in the road and such it wants to die can I fix this without changing gear ratio?

My dad picked up a 426 last fall and it is a vreat bike! Yz 426s seem to have a cult following. They are very dependable and tough (as long as you know how to start them). Fortunately his was already set pretty soft. There is a little bit of adjustment that can be done with the clickers on the top and bottom of each fork. To get drastic improvements I would imagine that new springs would be a must. As for the gearing thing. With all motocross bikes on the trail, your clutch is your best friend. That is what keeps you from stalling. After some time on the seat, my dad has found that it is very doable on the trails with stock gearing, but he might still regear it. The bottom line is that mx bikes are a lot of work to ride on the trails but they are arguably the most fun!!!!!

Yes you can adjust the suspension some... compression clickers are up top, rebound is on the bottom.  Left (counter clock wise) for softer, right (clock wise) for stiffer.  13/52 gearing is the hot ticket for a woods 426.  Is it dying because you're jamming on the brakes and stalling it out, or is it just sputtering out and dying on you?

It's just sputtering out I been using the clutch to keep it from dieing but it's just a hassle especially while going up hill. I will try the adjustments on the forks hopefully it will lessen them up enough. Is changing the gear ratio a very hard task to do yourself? I'm mechanically inclined but never really done much work on bikes

It is very easy to change the gearing on a dirt bike. Its as simple as changing the front and rear sprockets. If you want mote detailed instructions id be happy to do so. But there are several videos to ahow this process. It sounds like since it is lugging out this would definitely be the fix.

You may want to give your carb a good cleaning and check the valve clearances, it shouldn't sputter and die like that.

Is it lugging or sputtering out?

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