I ordered a front Bridgestone M601 from them on the 26th. Got it yesterday. I was painting on my lettering, and WHOOPS!! OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sidewall shows it is a 90/100-20!!!!!!!!!!


I need a 80/100-21!!

I checked the invoice....hmm...80/100-21. Hmm. Upon further examination, the item number is for a 90/100-20, but the description is for my 80/100-21.

I called them up, and they are sending me a 80/100-21 tire out from Louisianna 2nd day air, so i will have it for this sundays race!! They will send me a return label as well, no questions asked, even though I painted the side of the tire!!!

I consider this superior customer service. Even though the tire is not "new" to that degree, they are taking it back, and 2nd day airing me a replacement, at their cost.

I recommend them to anyone looking for pretty decent prices on tires!!!!


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