Removing the stock air filter...

Hey guys, I'm new to all of this so forgive me if this might seem like a stupid question. I want to make some modifications to my XR650L so when they talk about removing the baffle in the air box are they refering to the factory air filter? :)

No its the plastic peice on top of the air box you can only see it if you take your seat off its held on by two rivets I just drilled mine out. Hope this helps :)

there is a plastice piece right above the air filter you can take out with your seat off. Everyone does it so it will be easy. Have you uncorked your bike yet?

Thanks for the replys. I haven't uncorked my 650 yet, I haven't had much experience with doing engine work on bikes so I am still a little leary of diving in. I think I'll start off slow by rejetting and getting a new air filter.

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