ARC or ASV unbreakable levers?

What do you guys use? ARC or ASV levers? I know the ASV's have a 1 and 5 year warranty. The C/5 levers look worth it but the F1 looks like it's made out of the same crap my stock levers are made of and are bendable. Do the C/5 series levers curl up too if they don't break away or is the metal stronger? Please give me some info on each. Do the ARC levers have a warranty too? Which ones are best? What other levers are there that work the same way? They look all the same! :)

Thanks for the input :D

I use the ASV and am very happy. I have the 5yr warranty. Bent my clutch lever walked into the dealer and left with a brand new one. Can't beat that.

I have moved both the brake and clutch perch to 2 different bikes now. Love them! I have the C5 cause they are a bit thicker than the F1 levers which is more comfortable to me.

The clutch perch also makes the clutch pull easier than the stock unit on both bikes I have installed the ASV clutch assembly on.

Thanks! :D

Those are the answers I've been looking for!


I have the arc levers and my buddy has the asv. I like the asv's better. They seem beefier. Although, I have bent both my arc's 2 times a piece and just took a hammer to them to straighten them out and they didnt break. I dont know about the warranty. GYT-R makes some folding levers aswell.


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