Will these Simple Modifications work?

I have a 2003 XR650L. Right now it is completely stock but I plan on installing a Baja Designs Dyno-Jet Kit and replacing the stock filter with a Uni filter. Will these modifications make much difference in performance? Will these modifications require other mods (such as exhuast) to make the bike run right?

Make sure you also remove the smog pump on the left side of the engine case and get a blockoff kit. :)

You may have been implying this, but you will also want to remove the snorkel from the top of the air box. Under the seat...drill the two rivets and thats it. :)

The mods mentioned will give the bike some performance, but if you really want some more power, put a pipe on. I have the FMF Q-series. It has good power and isnt too loud. And if you take the noise baffle out, it's even better! I take it out when I go off road for the extra power and put it in when I'm cruisin around town. I also have the White Bros. header which really helped the bottom and middle.



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