Free mods and JD kit..

Just wanted to thank everyone that helped me to get the free mods and the JD jetting kit done. Now for the real message. This dang thing has WAY too much power now. Its going to take some time to get it down now. Within the first 5 minutes of riding I managed to launch the bike about 6 feet into the air and I followed from a distance. I was so used to "blurping" the throttle over the woops and this time when I did it, it was like having 2 stock WR450's under me. That bike crabbed the dirt so hard and shot like a rocket into the air leaving me hanging!! :D:D It really kicks now!!! :):usa:. Special thanks to James Dean for the messages about the jetting kit and to jeff_eugene_or for all of the PM's he sent about the setup. TT rocks :D:D

JD was one of our very first members, like in the first 50 guys or so.

Between JD, Clark Mason & Taffy (other members), those guys WERE the carb guru's. This was when the ONLY FORUM was the WR400 forum. JD and Clark use to hand grind needles to get extra performance, or correcly the RIGHT performance. They would share needle diameters and continue to experiment.

Those guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST, and ALWAYS were willing to help anybody w/ carb problems.

It was with tremendous trial and error :D, and lots of personal cash :shocked:to get those needles tweaked.

Absolute Hats Off to those guys! :D:)

And now you know..."The Rest of the Story!".

JD has the best needles by far! I have 10 needles to prove it! Thank you James Dean! :)

JD jetting rocks. By far the best performance mod you can buy!


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