Boots for Huge calves and Some new grippers

Anybody out there recommend an awsome tire for medium to hardpack surfaces. also a good boot for a guy with huge ass calves .

As far as the boots "for a guy with huge ass calves", I highly recommend SIDI Force in the standard sole. The SRS (sole replacement system) boots are a bit stiff in my opinion.

These are the only boot that I know of that is completely adjustable in the calve area. Check them out at:

I just bought a pair from these guys and it took a whopping three days from the time I placed the order on the web to having them on my doorstep. Impressive.

i dont believe anyone in the world has as large of calves as me and a finally found a boot that will calves are 19 and 1/4 inches all the way around, and the alpinestars tech 8 with the extended straps work for me, although they are on the last clicker, they do work :)

also, the alpinestar vector SHOULD fit large calves because the top calve strap is a nylon strap with one of those 3 prong black snap on type thingies. and i would think if the strap wasnt long enough that u could replace it with another longer nylon strap

my friends dad has really big calves - the only boots that worked for him are the alp vectors( i wear them and i have skinny legs and love them). As for tires go here in az( where all we have in intermideate and hard pack) i run the dunlop 756 on the rear and the dunlop755 on the front there great tires escpecially on the thumpers

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