Will a 08'YZ450 seat work on a 08' WR450 ?

Something makes me think not, does anybody know for sure?

Pretty sure it won't at least that's what I heard. Something to do with the battery on the WR it is a different sub frame.

That's what I thought, I'm looking for a spare pan to put seat concepts foam and cover on that way I can still keep the stock intact. No can find.

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Just put the seat concepts seat on your pan and keep the stock foam and cover. It's easy enough to staple it back with a Harbour Freight air stapler.

Or just chuck the stock foam and cover when you finally realize you'll never actually use it again.

Will not fit because of the battery.


Guts racing seat foam and cover kit.

OK Krannie, going to try your reccomendation

What length staples do I need ? 1/2" ?  I would think they need to be stainless

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I think they are 1/4" not stainless. You can measure the stock ones.

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