z-start clutches for wr400's

I've been in contact with the fellas at rekluse about a z-start clutch, They don't make one for a wr400. But they do for a 426, does anybody know if the 426 would fit on the 400, or if the pressure plate is the same on both models? Or am i going to hove to try a different brand?

I would think the clutches between the 400 and 426 would be similar.

Did you ask if they could send you a test unit? I mean, if it doesn't work then they're only out the shipping and you're only out the time. If it does work, you get a clutch (at a reduced cost or free) and they get the knowledge that it works and just that much more market share.

They probably won't go for it but it's worth asking about. :)

Thanks for the idea. I talked to them again and they said they dont support the wr400 and the 426 is too different. So i tried emf billet and there the same price and they support the400 so I'm going to give them a try.

Thanks for the idea.

Sounds great RobG! Let us know how it works out for you. :)

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