anyone rejetted for easy hot starts?

today at the track I layed my 02 426 over and killed the motor, I didn't get the bike started for about 45 minutes, it was the worst experience of my life. I tried everything, I tried the hot start button, I tried no hot start button, I tried cleaning out the plug by kicking it 20 times with the compresison lever in. I tried turning the gas off and kicking it with the choke on. Nothing works if the motor is hot. HAS ANYONE REJETTETED, THE TRACK IS ABOUT 1000 ABOVE SEA LEVEL AND IT WAS 60 DEGREES OUTSIDE. THE BIKE HAS STOCK JETTS IN IT. FOR GOD SAKES SOMEBODY HELP ME.

Try leaning out the needle position. I noticed mine starts a lot easier with the needle a little leaned out.

i'll giver her a try, thanks

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