Over-oiling an Air filter

Is it possible to over-oil an air filter? I just got a new Twin-Air filter kit with the oiling tub, cleaning tub,etc. I followed the instuctions and completely sumerged the filter in oil, squeezed it out and let it dry for about an hour. Ever since it seams that my bike breaks up at high RPM and back fires more often when you let off the gas. What do you think?

Its possible that the jets have sucked up fresh oil in the passages. I suggest that you clean out all jets. And then let your oil filter dry overnight, prior to installing. (I have 4 air filters, I wash, oil and put them in a plastic bag, there ready to install, Plus I wash them every four rides, n the washing machine no less, thanks No-Toil.

When I first got my White Powerfilter I soaked mine all the way through the first time and during the next couple of weeks fouled about 3 plugs with the bike running real bad. I thought my jetting had gotten messed up with the weather turning cooler. Turned out I just needed to clean the carb. Now me and my friends just oil the outside, and if the bike starts running alittle rough a few squirts of cleaner with the bike running usually clears it up. I also started using the spray on filter oil. You have to use a good bit to cover the filter all the way but it's much easier and less mess.

Those air jets are in a prime spot to suck up filter oil! Especially that little pilot air jet, wouldn't take much of anything to plug it and cause some major jetting problems.

You can never squeeze too much oil out of your filter.

Before installing it that is.

I agree with calvin, ya gotta squeeze the heck/oil out the filter. Ive over oiled/not squeezed enough out and had oil dripping out the bottom vent of the air box on more than one occasion, but I NEVER start the bike with the filter wet/not dried over night. You probably pulled oil into the carb. Check it, it probably needs cleaning anyway.

The spray on oil works very good. Just be sure to kneed the filter as you oil to spread it around. All you have to do is cover it well, no need to soak it. I've cleaned the filter just prior to riding on more than one occasion and never had a problem. Just be sure to squeeze (do not wring!) the extra out if you've soaked it.

To much oil will foul plugs. :)

I say there is no such thing as too much oil. Squeeze it out real good and let it sit as mentioned before. I've often had a puddle of filter oil on my floor. I've never had any problems in doing this for 25 years.

A buddy of mine likes to oil his lightly and frequently has dirt in his motor. I never suck dirt. Hmmmmmmm...........

Hey s.c.rider, when you say you spray carb cleaner while the bike is running, where do you spray it? Do you remove the airbox. Thanks....

Agree with the spray filter comment whole-heartedly. I've run bike for about 10 years straight now in the deserts of NM and NV and have never once lost an engine, some bikes I even ran 4 years without suffering an engine related failure. I started to do the no-toil and had a lot of trouble with sucking oil and dust getting back into the throat of the air boot. I've since given up and went back to the spray on method.

I like the spray on oil but hate the spray solvent to clean the filter.

On the other side I like the No-Toil ease of cleaning but hate ringing out the No-Toil. A friend suggested I put the No-Toil oil in a squirt bottle and see if I can use a little less oil. Has anyone tried the squirt bottle method?

I keep my filter oil in a butter dish. Holding the filter in one hand, I dip my hand in the oil & spread it over the filter. Then I work it in thoroughly. Then, I take paper towels & squeeze and pat till the paper towels stop soaking up oil. All excess has been removed and the filter is consistantly oiled the same way every time.

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