Wanna hear something funny

ok heres mine.(one of them anyway) back in the late sixties/early seventies,my dad was part owner of a kawasaki dealership,they carried a brand of mini-bike called a gemini SST, it was a 50cc honda mini-trail 50 look-a-like except with a two-smoke in it, and of course there was the usuall shop go-fast version with pipe, filter, and some other stuff i cant remember,this thing didnt have a full perimeter frame, i know this because on afternoon after school i was at the local field racing myself across the field, then came upon my favorite jump, a three foot wide fire-ditch an easy clearer, well not this time. i cased it and the little gemini frame broke clean into under the gas tank, all three parts (me,front of bike,rear of bike) went in different directions, had to walk home after leaving the heep in the bushes, got dad and thepick-up and went to pick up the scrap. he laughed and laughed and to this day still reminds me of the gemini incident. wish i could find one of those things now.

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