2003 YZ450-F carb/ idle /fuel.

Hello, I'm new lol . Just picked up a 03 yz450f and I'm experiencing what I believe to be some carburetor issues it takes a bit to start even when warm and when the fuel valve is on it leaks gas out of the bottom of the carburetor and when it's running it doesn't seem to want to idle for more than a few seconds..it just sputters out. I'm am, for the most part new to the dirt bike world and would appreciate any input! Thanks all.

Rebuild the carb, adjust the valves, add a remote fuel screw, and learn the process of adjusting it.



Your float needle is stuck or worn out, your fuel screw probably needs a new oring and adjusting, and the valve clearances need to be correct.


Start here



Sounds good, thanks!

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