Exhaust Packing

While inpatiently waiting for my Thunder Alley to be shipped I needed to repack my stock pipe. I bought the packing (Moose... I think) wrapped it snugly, used masking tape to hold it in-place, reinstalled the pipe, and she sounded good again.

Problem is, the packing lasted for two rides. :) I pulled the pipe last night and the packing was all but gone.

Any suggestions? Who makes a good slide-on packing that last longer? Or did I just do a sh@$ty job of installing the wrap-around stuff?

Use duct tape and keep it on :)

Hmm... i dont know where the packing could have gone. But, instead of buying the moose packing... just crawl up in yer attic and use some of that owens corning fiberglass insulation. Exact same stuff. :)

When my stock exhaust burnt out all its packing, I tried several different types, the only I used with any luck was Silent Sport. I have been told, and I have in my posession, that Stainless Steel wool is a great replacement, but it has to be stainless. If you do a search, you can probably come up with a part number from the same place I got it from.

I think I remember someone here saying that they got stainless steel wool packing from Mcmaster Carr or Grainger. Im due for a re-pack so I'll check around and let you know if I find it.


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