Clutch use on wheeling.....?

Does the clutch really goes bad when we use it to make wheelies....?

Just curios, because I like so much to wheelie all the time and the clutch is making all the work here !

Thanks !!! :)

You need the clutch to wheelie? :) Hell....just rip the trottle fast enough and the front end will rise. No clutch use here to wheelie until it's time to shift :D

But to answer your question...yes...just about anytime you partially use the clutch lever it wears the clutch plates a bit.

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Yes I can wheelie too just ripping the throttle but is so dangerous because you can't control and maintain the bike wheeling as well as with the clutch. Well my clutch will be wearing for a long time........!

Thanks ! :)

Don't wheelie too far, I don't think that the oil return pump can pick up the oil to return it to the frame when it's sloshed all the way to the back of th motor. Once the oil in the frame runs out your engine will be running without oil until you set the front wheel down and the return pump can put some oil back in the frame. I don't have any idea how long it takes to empty the frame.

No Clutch Reallies Goes Bad, Wheelies Makes Bad Clutches

Makes Wheelies By Sticking Foots in front wheels at 70 MPH

No worry Clutches Thats ways

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh The Hoorrrroooorr

And this guy drives a car I bet


Read the first Thread Man :)

I agree with you ebayThumper !!! My thumper would be dying already if that really happened, I spent half of time doing wheelies too ! :)

I wheelie all of the time!! Is that a serious problem? 1/4 mile is not that uncommon, we have a huge flat field in the front of our house. What damage do you think I am doing?


Man you started it up :D

As long as you keep the front wheel at a 50 - 65 Degree angle off Center the Oil Pump can handle it, anything firther the 65 degrees causes loopinesia a symptom know to wheelie miesters worl wide. You Know you have the problem if your fruit of the looms start to fill and you have that sinking feeling in your gut


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Granted I don't know the internals of this motor very well but if all the oil is in the motor and not in the frame...isn't everything all lubed up?

Or does the oil have to come from the frame to lube up?

Anyway, I haven't had any troubles so far and if I can't do my back-wheelin' then what's the fun?


It's hard to steer with one wheel in the air :)

If it was a plain bearing motor you might have a problem with oil starvation. but since its a roller bearing motor, even just the slightest splash is enough to prevent failure for short periods. Theoretically, the motor wont fail from oil starvation, unless you wheelied the thing from Alaska to Flordia, then it might have a problem as a result of air flow throught the radiator.

Humberto do this, wheelie your bike as much as you can, for as far as you are able. If you wear out a clutch every couple of hundred thousand miles, big deal, its only 90 bucks for a new one.

Yiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa just keep on wheeling all the time folks ! There's no problem with oil starvation and all that crap ! :)

EeeeegoA, joor buuts old up win ju schtik dim in de fro wwheeel? Wha kinda buuts ju whear main? Cumbat buuts? iking buuts? Wha? :):D


I didn't think that all the oil from the frame could fit in the motor...if so, why the frame res?

Just curious because I spend 1/2 my time with one wheel down. (my friends son calls it "back-wheelin'")



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