how long does it take?

does anybody know when they come out with aftermarket/performance parts for bikes. I have a 2004 XR650L. :)

Well, for the 650L there isn't as many official XR650L parts. Let me rephrase that, they have them for the "L" but not as much when compaired to the 650R or the other Motorcross bikes. The best rule of thumb is to ask us what you might be looking for as the chances are we know were you can go to get your parts, or at least get you going in the right direction. :)

i didnt realize there was any difference between the 2004 650 L and the other 650 L's--- is there?

If not-then aftermarket stuff for the other years will fit your bike--it takes the catalogues a year or two get caught up and then for the dealers to get the latest copy, etc.

Maybe i am wrong, maybe the 650 L has been re-designed...

Maybe i am wrong, maybe the 650 L has been re-designed...

The 650L is the same from 1996-2004 so when you look for parts you can use part numbers for older L's. Also some parts interchange from the 600R, but you need to know which.

:D time to spend $$$$$$$$ on some mods. after it is broken in of course :)

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