YZ450 2014 - Fuel problem?

Bike runs great thru woods, when get into long climbs (1k - 2k vert, at 9k - 11k elevation) it dies. Will start right back up and run for 100yards then dies. If I let it sit longer it will start right up and run for 200 yards. Turn around head down wants to die. Run and die, on and off. After about 5 miles it runs great. Hear there is a sensor near air filter that I can clean? Think of trading in anyway and do not want to unload problem on someone else.

Sounds like a classic plugged tank vent.

Blew thru vent hose when I was having issue, that should clear it, I would think. I dumped fuel from gas tank, then rinsed with fresh fuel. Should I check fuel pump intake? Mechanic friend thinks it is fuel pump but I want to rule other things out before I drop $450 on fuel pump.

Have you ever cleaned the pump filter? 

Will remove pump and clean tonight.

Following this.

Ordinarily, obstructed fuel filters in EFI systems don't behave the way you described things.  What usually happens is that the bike will run OK up to a certain throttle and RPM level and "hit a wall".  As the filter becomes dirtier, the limit on engine speed and fuel delivery drops lower.  The fact that you need to wait for a period of time after a stall out tends to point away from that to something like the fuel vent.  Put the hose back on the cap with the cap off the tank and see if you can blow from the free end of the hose through the cap vent. 


It could also be an electrical thing; coil heating and failing at temperature, perhaps.  Not saying not to check the filter, just saying it doesn't fit the mold very well.

Cap vent is fine. Starting to think electrical. Hmmmm?

I had the exact same problem with my 16 450fx.   Cleaned fuel filter still had the same issue.   Replaced the fuel pump and it runs great again all day. 

That fits.

The fuel pump  above works fine , got one in a 15 .450f .

New OEM pump solved problem. Did a nice ride in high country and had no problems. Local dealership $460, Rocky Mt $350. Messed up and did not get $17 Oring, needed it. John Deer tractor dealer came thru w $3 Oring, temp fix.

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