'99 WR400F Headlight and rearlight only doesn't work

Hello, I've recently purchased a 99 WR400f supermoto and my only issue is that headlight and rearlight doesn't work. The indicators, brakelights and speedo work fine, it's only the lights (also no full beam bulb so full beam not wired, will upgrade in future). The battery is fully charged and when I check for voltage in various places (near headlight, near battery, near rearlight and halfway through wires) there is non. Could it be something, possibly wires, at the stator? I've just ordered the tools to pull off the flywheel and reach the stator so any tips where to look for before they arrive would be MUCH appreciated.


Also this is my first bike, I've never taken one apart but i constantly learn although electrics is not my strong side, therefore the topic. Thank You!

I'd be checking the handlebar switch, making sure thats actually engaging the headlight properly. Other than that just keep looking at the wiring diagram and follow the wires back until you find somewhere that has voltage. Once you find where they have voltage you can check the wires between there and the headlight because obviously thats where the problem lies.


The bike is 17 years old so there's a good chance that some wires may have rubbed through to the wire and are earthing out somewhere. 


I would be more inclined to think its wiring rather than the stator otherwise I don't think your battery would be staying fully charged.


Thats all I can really suggest, if you keep checking the wires for where they have voltage and maybe putting up some pictures, we could help you out more.



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