pg. 75 May 02 Dirt Bike

contact at Worldpower@earthlink.net

A new product for us to NEED! :) @ $69.00 ea.

"Power Now increases the velocity of the air as it flows though the carb from idle to mid throttle openings. It works by creating a smaller passage on the airbox side of the carb. The new passage directs a straight flowing incoming stream of air beneath the slide up to half throttle. At half to wide open, the Power Now creates no disruption to incoming air that would reduce peak power.

The bottom line is thatyou get a good power increase that can be felt off idleand into a stronger, more vital mid range."

OK>>> its a small manifold that has a wing design in the middle, to increase air velocity...

sounds good! :D

Dennis Kirk shows something similar on page 276 of the new catalog. $28.99

The POWER PACK.... by Starting Line Products, but thiers goes on the cylinder side...

ANYBODY have any experiance with either of these goodies

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any one?

Or am I a guinee pig?

So Hence the Name CrazyAdam

and you had to ask :)

Go Ahead and do it let us know I am sure we could get a bulk buy from steve Going Hehe :D

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You have to ask yourself where the force comes for the air to enter the cylinder. The force that motivates the air into the chamber is vacuum created by the piston. The "manifold" which you speak of, while redirecting the air, more than likely winds up acting like an orifice, thus reducing the total amount of air taken in. I'd want to see some independant dyno testing of a bike with/without before I plunk down my hard earned money.

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