I am confused and need some jetting advice please!

Today it was warmer than it has been for a while (60+F) and I was out enjoying my WR426f. I noticed that when I would hit WOT and get in the upper rpm range it lacked power that I had not noticed before when it was cooler out. Everything is stock on my carb except for BK mod (at about .5 sec squirt) and ACV disabled. When it was cooler out it seemed to have loads of power all the way through the RPM range now it has loads of power on the lower to 3/4 rpm range but rpm higher than that is lacking power. Should I go to the next higher main jet or should I lower the clip on the needle? I would think that it would be the other way around since when it is colder out the air is more dense hence a leaner running engine and when it is warmer it would be more rich. Again the 3/4 throttle and below rocks and I don't want to mess with what I have there but I would like a little more top end. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! :)

I would try a smaller mj, sounds rich. It's all mj at wot :)

While your at it make sure the air filter is clean & fuel is good clean & fresh.Check the plug for some type of sign of rich running (Black Color)I concur with Dom if it is anything jetting related I would say Main as well.Good Luck.

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