426 parts for sale

Applied upper triple clamp with oversize (1") bar mounting posts. Had on the bike for 1 ride - it's nice and new - in the original box.

2001 headpipe with guard (allows clearance to oil filter cover bolt), and muffler - no dents or scratches about 6 hours on the system, includes pipe-to-muffler seal.

Original rear master cylinder/frame guard, Oil strainer screen that fits in the front of the frame, oil filter cover o-rings, original oil drain plug, 1 yamaha oil filter, 1 exhaust head-pipe gasket, 2 swing arm axle hole covers, 3 CR8E NGK plugs, 1 clutch basket nut lock washer.

All of the misc parts are brand new in their original packages with the yamaha part numbers.

$250 for all the stuff - buyer pays shipping from Ohio.

You can e-mail me ... beamdennis@hotmail.com


They are nice parts.

O.K. - I'm going to go get a box and start packing the stuff - they really are nice parts!!!

O.K. - all the misc stuff is gone.

I'd take $80 for the Applied clamps.

I'd take $125 for the head-pipe and muffler.

You guys riding with no guard on the headpipe are gonna burn your nice leathers if you don't get a stock headpipe soon.


I'll buy the triple clamps if you don't mind shipping to a FPO address. I'm in the military and I am stationed in Okinawa. It is no different than sending in the US, except you have to fill out a customs form that takes about 5 minutes.



Gunner - I don't mind the form - can it be completed at the local post office?

I tried to send back to you a detailed reply, but I received a message that indicated that your e-mail address was no good. I'll try sending it again - unlinked.

I'm going to need your full address to get the shipping costs - I use USPS typically, but can ship just about any method you'd like.



Don't want to step on Gunner's toes as it appears as though he has first dibs..

But if your deal with Gunner falls through on the clamps, please send me an email at mcarpent@columbus.rr.com. I'm in Columbus.

Boomer, check your PM's.



I received your PM - thanks.

I sent to you a PM reply with the shipping options - let me know - send to me on....



Do you still have the head pipe?

Boomer. I'm also looking for a headpipe. Let me know

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