I thought nothing could shock me

Last summer I snapped my rear shock shaft and suspension linkage on my WR 400. :usa:



It looked like I was going to have to lay down some large coin for a new unit but a friend from Halifax who runs Pro-Tech Suspension in Halifax, Nova Scotia, (Canada) told me he could repair it. :D I sent him the shock and he pulled it apart and had a company in Quebec machine a new shaft and revalved it for my weight and sent it back up. It was great until I started getting tossed off the pegs during a long ride a few weeks back. It was like a pogo stick, no damping. :) I stopped and could see oil all over the ice and snow on my swingarm so I thought the new seal had failed. I called him and he said he thought ice may have torn the seal. I don't expect anybody to warranty stuff up here due to the extreme torture I put my bike through, but he said he'd fix it and install an ice scraping ring near the seal like the sled shocks have. :usa: I mailed it down and he opened it up on the weekend. I just got a message from him tonight, bad news. The small valve for rebound at the top of the shaft dislodged from its rest and played havoc to the internals including the shock body's inside diameter. Everything is kaput. I've been throwing a lot of money at my toys lately so I just took it in stride. :usa: What did shock me was when he said that the company that made the shaft ordered a complete unit from Yamaha and is sending it up! It's nice to see that there are still a few good guys out there.

:) Pro-Tech Suspension :D:D

They even sent me a few pics. Here's the secret stuff that Yamaha uses to keep your heels from passing your ears on the big stuff.

:D :D :lol:



I have to ask...

How did you do that in the first place... Was it wild freestyle jumping, lack of grease or just the cold weather making the metal brittle...? Enquiring minds want to know...

At least you had a win with the second rebuild and the shaft - nice not to get shafted... :):D



That is freaking ugly and scary. What kind of maintenance had you been performing on the suspension linkages. Lots of mud riding? I will start inspecting my chit better from now on.

Wow! I have never seen that much damage to the suspension! :)

DITTO: How (the "F") did you do that in the first place??

If anyone else asks, tell them you JUST BARELY cleared the 150 quintuple jump! :)

It definitely wasn't caused by mud since that's only about 1% of my riding. There are no bike shops here so I throw quite a bit of coin at my toys and stay on top of maintenance. Any major disasters mean a minimum of 1 month downtime because the mail is sloooooowwwww. There was lots of grease on the linkage pieces I found.

A few guys have suggested that the cold may have affected the metal. I broke it last summer around 60 degrees F, but it may have been weakened from the cold winter. It wasn't a wild freestyle jump but it was a fast double, well almost a double. I was out exploring the tundra and found a nice natural ramp. As I picked up the pace I noticed that I was landing close enough to another to try doubling. I didn't have enough speed and landed hard on the upside of the 2nd jump and something broke. Then I launched off of that and landed that with no rear suspension. Luckily that 2nd landing was on a long downhill slope that softened the impact. I didn't fall but it took 5 or 6 minutes to pry the seat out of my butt.

Judging by the debris field, I'd say the linkage broke on the first jump and that let the swingarm snap the shock on the second. I also had to replace both front fork seals as they started leaking. Anthony Turner at Pro-Tech said he had 4 WR/YZ rear shocks come in looking the same way last season. Check the U shaped linkage piece on your bikes for cracks, my guess is that started the chain reaction.



I kinda like that "low rider" look :):D

Me too, and the buzz from the knobs rubbing the rear fender is a close second to hog engine vibration. :):D :D

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