Linkage bearings/stuff for sale...

I have 10 assorted parts for the YZ400/426 linkage, I will list the parts #'s so you can use to see what parts I have. All parts are BRAND NEW they are still in the Genuine Yamaha bag and are not opened!

90109-147F2 - 1 bolt

90185-14070 - 1 nut

93103-20076 - 2 seals

93315-32056 - 2 linkage bearings

90201-14740 - 1 washer

90387-167Y9 - 1 cylindrical sleeve

51-871 (White Brother's part #)- 2 rubber plugs

The reason I am selling them is: They have been in my garage for a few months and my linkage bearings are still in good condition. I would be willing to trade these parts for a set of front wheel bearings/ and or rear wheel bearings (because my front bearings are shot and the rear is getting close). I would like $50 for these 10 items + shipping. I can take pics for any interested buyers. Thanks,


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