2009 shut down

Need some quick advice.

I was riding and the bike just shut down.

I tried to kick it but I wasn't getting that tight spot (compression slot)

So I pull the cover off and see the timing was off.

I set it correct. But now I'm looking at the cam lobes and realize they are at different angles.

Does this mean the cam is bad?

Also is there a way to see if any damage has been done to the valves without taking off the head? I remove the header pipe and the carb and tried to see to verify that a valve didn't drop.




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Update: I pull the head and all 3 intake valves are bend

It looks as if the intake cam sprocket has slipped on the shaft.  The two cams were never at exactly the same angle to begin with, but the intake lobe should be tilted up farther than that.  Plan on replacing the intake cam during the repairs. 

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