51 or 52?

My new 426 is geard too tall for woods riding. Should I go up two or three on the rear. Is three too much?

Calvin, go with a 51. It will work great in the woods and still leave you enough top end to run on tracks and fire roads. BTW I reccomend a 10oz flywheel wt.

If you want to save a little cash just buy a 13 tooth for the front. It is the same as buying a 51 for the rear, but it only will cost you about $15 instead of $55 for a new rear one.

That is what I fun for all the trail and wood riding over hear in the Oregon hills.

I 2nd Oregon's post...I put a 13 on front and run a 50 on back..just switch back to my 14 when I play on a track..simple and cheap..if your woods are really tight try a 13/51 combo..talk about stump puller..lots of the scrambles here in Mo/Ks allow such low gearing and only offer a few fast sections so it is no big loss overall to have a slower top end.

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