Shortening pipe

I have a 98 400. I do alot of rocky hill climbs, woods riding, and high speed crashing ( not real proud of that one )

I have an e-series pipe and keep bending the discs. I was going to shorten the pipe to tuck it in behing the side panel, turn the defleter 180 to keep the side panel from melting. this would protect my pipe and give it a cleaner look.

My Question is has anyone done this and if so how many discs would you need to run? I currently have 12. I know shortening the stock pipe doesn't effect the power as much because it is not a disc type. Shortening the pipe would create a smaller cubic inch which would give it more back pressure right? If that is correct I would have to take out a disc or two. Cris

I meant add a disc or two to lessen the back pressure my bad. Cris

Ya I cut mine off right at the Exaust Port, I then Welded a Brigs and stratton Muffler from a Lawn mower I had in the Back shed to make it look real trick.

I then drilled alot more holes in my disk so the brake easier and filled the master cylinder with supper glue for better grip


I wouldnt be cuttin on the pipes, the pipes are designed for peak performance and in general are built at the lenght they are asa result of dyno testing and engineering. The Bike (Any Bike) has a phenominom known as Back Pressure in the exhaust, the hight the rev the higher the pressure. Ahh Never Mind go ahead and cut the pip up its only 400 bucks to replace when you figure out what you did :D

typically, when you shorten the head pipe the effect on the motor is an enhancement in higher rpm ranges. Depending on how much you cut off, the power characterisic change could be huge.

The Ego has a point about the cost of the experiment. Basically, your risking all the bottom end power when you cut the pipe off.

Hey if you did go with Briggs and Stratton you could go to Wal-Mart and get one, they would always be in stock, and instead of costing $100 it would cost $10...

I meant just the end of the pipe not the whole damn thing.

Bingo MikeO


I understood, I am just a jokster :)

But serious I thik you will get the same performance hits if you play with the disks i.e. add remove. Dont Cut the pipe (Or The Cheeze) :D

The Pipe was designed from exhaust to tail in the aspect of removing disk or adding to suit what you want. :D

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