Wr426 with wr125 wheels?

Iv got a 2001 426 and I need to know if 2009 wr 125 wheels will fit my bike and be safe? IMG_1472497297.816880.jpg

2009 what?

Wr125 2009 model, found a nice set of wheels for one and they'd look nice on my 426

British model.  I seriously doubt it.  The WR125 is a much smaller bike, and likely uses smaller axles, etc.  The hubs are also different, and I imagine much lighter and not as strong.

Okay, thank you

In the old days the 125 rear hubs had fewer or smaller bearings. They were built lighter to save weight and with lower hp the load on the hubs was less.

The fronts are probably interchangeable. A quick check on the parts list should confirm if the hubs are the same pn. Yamaha is notorious for using the same parts on many bikes.

Oh allright thanks

In the old days ...


Those were the old days.  But either way, the WR125R model is not sold in the US, and is a bike along the lines of the WR250R; a 4-stroke play bike in the mold of the CRF230, and not at all related to the YZ/WR-F line. 

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