2011 Yamaha YZ450 GYTR project complete.

I just finished my 2011 YZ450 build. What do you guys think? 


 upgrades to the bike...


GYTR Cylider Head

Cylinder Works standard bore piston & cylinder

Hod Rods heavy duty crank

clutch kit

FMF 4.1 full titanium exhaust

Race Tech suspension

Acerbis plastics

graphics kit

Pro Factory hose kit

Oversized Mishimoto radiators

ASV levers

Twinwall handle bars







Very nice! Well done!

nice bike, How is the engine to run with the GYTR head ?

Looks great, well done.

very similar to my 2011 45of build I've got going on. it's done besides doing my valve clearence which my shim kit will be here tommarow. curious as to what you think about the gytr head aswell? I can't wait to hop on and break mine in tommarow.

The GYTR cylinder head runs well but needs at least 100 octane which makes it kinda hard to find fuel for it.

I'm looking for a good place to buy race gas but so far I have been dumping in octane booster

But I'll tell you the GYTR head sounds awesome with the FMF 4.1 exhaust. I left the quiet insert on pipe out and it's crazy. Lol love it!

The GYTR head is just a nicely cnc'd Cosworth ported head. It shouldn't require any higher octane gas. However if you put in a much higher compression piston, that will require higher octane fuel.

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It states in the installation instructions to use 100+ octane

attachicon.gifIMG_20160922_152300.jpgIt states in the installation instructions to use 100+ octane

Ah I'm thinking they are talking about using the GYTR high compression piston with the head. There is no reason to use anything other than premium gas while just using the head. I have a 16' WR450 with the YZ GYTR head and run almost full advance on the timing. No pinging or other issues running pump gas.

That's good to know. Thanks for your input. I'll try running her on 94

Sweet bike! Looks great. Where is the header pipe?

Edit: Wow. Nevermind. Answered my own question. I had no idea they ran the pipe straight out of the back. I thought they always had the wrap around.

Running 100 octane will get expensive and annoying very fast. My 05 yz250 was ported and had the squish decreased, would not run on regular pump gas. After buying my 450, nothing makes happier than being able to gas up at the local shell station.

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Yah I agree. Gets expensive and annoying very fast :=/

Yah Yamaha reversed the pipe from 2010-13

I have a hi comp piston with a modified head and i run pump gas through it with no problems.

Good. That takes a load off my shoulders. I'm not pissin my money on octane booster no more

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