Hey all Iam from nothern california and looking for people to ride with.I am just coming off of a injury and would like to moto it up some . just drop me a line and I will try to meet up to throw some rocks at 2 smokes. just want to have fun and give motocross a try!!!!!

Sounds like fun. I'll meet you half way lol


:) Always looking for a riding Bud, I am in Hollister, so I ride Hollister Hills alot sometime Clear Creek when the Asbestos is at its peak (Doh!) :D

Right now I am torn into the bike, Oil, Lube and general tighting of loose stuff. I pronised me daughter I would not go out again until I get her a xr70, so I am realy looking to get her hooked up. Any hoot I should be ready to go in a couple of weeks, Too Many Honey Doo's I have put off.....

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