I need springs??

Well, I made the switch to the "baby F" and I think I may need some stiffer springs for it. The 250 comes with .44's and a 4.8 and I weigh about 190 so I am wondering if any of you have your stock 426 springs and would part with them for a few $$.

I don't want to spend alot as I have the suspension working good but wonder if it could be a bit better with the spring change.




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I have a stock 5.4 rear if you want. $25 ought to be fair. PM me if you want it.

Check www.gp-racing.com for what the correct spring rate you need is before you go getting something that won't work like you need.

Looks like you may only need a 4.9 or 5.0 on the rear.

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Id find that MXA test on the Pro Circuit YZ250F. The suspension guy put some kinda big spring in the back and everybody loved it.

I dont remember the specifics though.

Good luck

I am putting race tech springs on my 2002 426 sometime next week. I will have the stock springs just laying in the shop. I know the rear stock spring is a 5.4. If your interested email me at shark55@collegeclub.com

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