Pink Asian coolant in my bike?

Just wondering if there are any pluses or minuses to running pink colored Asian coolant in my 450FX.  Last time I rode it boiled over a little, I have almost a full gallon of the pink stuff ready to go but I'm fresh out of green at the moment.  I realize I'd need to flush the system well to remove any traces of the green, just curious if there is a compelling reason not to use the pink stuff.

There are two basic kinds of coolant; Ethylene Glycol, the toxic green stuff, and Propylene Glycol, the stuff that comes in alternate colors and is said to be non-toxic.


(Actually, there's a third: Oxalic Acid based coolants like Dex-Cool.  All you need to know about it is the word, "NO")


PG coolants will raise the boil point marginally, like 5-7 degrees.  Overall a better choice.  As far as flushing, all that's needed is to drain it refill with water and run for a couple minutes, and drain again.  Ready to use products like Engine Ice are PG based.  Add a capful of RedLine Water Wetter (a surfactant) to enhance the thermal conductivity between the coolant and the radiators.

Great info grayracer, many thanks.

Using Dex cool in all my bikes. No issues whatsoever. Drain it every five years. Everything looks like new.

Whatever.  Most of us GM mechanics hated the stuff because it tends to turn into a brown sludge if it comes in contact with too much air during it's life. That, and several radiator failures due to electrolysis were blamed on it.  I switched my own truck over to PG years ago.  Dex-Cool offers no advantage over PG that I'm aware of.

Could be the new stuff out nowadays. Every time I open the cap it looks exactly like the day it went in. My 07 that has used it since new shows no corrosion and it is getting beat up on a regular basis by the Boy. 

Well, I reluctantly changed my coolant out last night to the pink Asian stuff.  It is not PG, it contained mostly ethylene glycol.  I think eventually I will just buy some of the Yamacool stuff and put that back in.  Not sure how much I trust this pink stuff, because as grayracer said about the DexCool a small amount left exposed to the air eventually evaporated and left a sticky residue behind.

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