wr450 cam in a wr400

ive been advised to fit a wr450 auto decomp cam into my 98 wr 400 .Have any of you tried this, if so please pm me or post.



Check the post pinned at the top of the YZ400/YZ426/YZ450 forum. That will answer all your questions, and also kill a couple of hours reading it all. To quickly answer what you asked: yes, heaps of guys on here have done the 450 cam swap, and they all love it. :)

If you are asking if WR450 cam will work in WR400 the answer is yes. But I think most are putting YZ450 cams in.

It's not like before where you can just slip the cam 1 tooth to vary from YZ and WR timing. The autodecomp will only work in the timing (ie YZ or WR) that it was designed for.

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