Shortening '13 Suspension - 29" Inseam

I have a 29" inseam and I just cannot handle how tall my '13 WR450F. I fell over 5 times standing still at a stop the last time off road. I have a Devol lowering link installed, a SDG lowered seat, and moved the forks up in the clamps maybe 1/2" to 3/4" which all helped sum. But I am just too short. Anyone have their suspension professionally shortened? If so how much, by who, and how did it work. I find 3 or 4 that will shorten it just not sure how much. Several said no more than 1 1/2". Devol will lower it down to flat track height 4" to 6" if you want.

Ditch the Devol lowering link. It makes the bike handle poor. With a cut seat and 1" lowered suspension that should be fine. I am no taller and have a 16' lowered an 1" which is a taller bike. Most suspension companies lower suspension.

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