Australia 2016 WR De restricting

So i'am leaning more towards getting a WR then the RMX, And would get the dealer to de restrict it for me as they do that here if requested, But what is this Competition ECU? 


Seen a post here saying that Aussie Bikes come with the Comp ECU



Also how do i know if my bikes comes with comp ecu?



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If your in the world of AZIE they apparently do have the comp. ECU.

Yes Aussie WR's come out with the comp ecu, you'll know because you'll be able to change the map with the GYTR tuner (you cant if it had the restricted ECU).

Yeah found out from the dealer aswell they sell all WR'S uncorcked, Picking up my 2016 WR450F in bout 12 to 16 hrs from this post, Will report back with pics


Sold my power tuner with my yz450 did not think id end up with a 2016 wr450 but the guy i sold the yz too says i can borrow the gytr power tuner witch is a plus but like having it in my back pack in case i decide to change on the fly, so ill probs just buy a new one or offer to buy the one i sold with the bike lol

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