650L oil change

Can anyone tell me where the oil screens are on the 650L? I believe there is one hidden behind the clutch side, side case and that there may be another. This bike is new to me and I have no manual. Thank you.

At the bottom of the frame down tube, just below the forward facing down tube drain bolt. :)

Is it incorporated in the oil line?

There is a screen made onto the fitting at the bottom of the frame downtube where the oil line attatches. There is also a flat screen in the bottom of the engine case. You can get to it by removing the right side cover (which is where the clutch basket is located). I bought my bike used with 12,500 miles on it and the screens were as clean as if the bike was new. Good luck with yours. :)

Yes. I left that part off because I thought it might've been obvious. But I do have the Honda Service Manual, too. :)

Here's the drill: Oil line off first, then unscrew & remove the "oil strainer nut." Take off the rubber O-ring, clean the strainer with solvent (or gas) being careful not to damage the fine gauge wire screen, air dry, clean the down tube threads & reinstall. :D

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