1/2 choke

My 650R starts/runs fine. Half choke has never had any effect(since I got it)whether bike's warm or cold.

Problem ? :)

Uncorked, drilled stock tip, 175 main, 68s pilot, 1300'.


You have the stock needle in there Brian??

I'm not sure. :)

Mine does the same with similiar jetting. Full choke will kill the engine but 1/2 choke makes no change in engine speed.

There should be some change, but minimal at most. Brian your a little higher in elevation than me but I'm going to try the 172 main and see how that works out. Maybe were a little on the rich side. :) But I would check the needle/clip position, I don't know how to tell between the Honda comp one and stock. Then see if it has an effect on the bike at all.

It doesn't bother me but I just read about the choke plate problem.

I'm wondering if my choke plate has been planning to suicide-bomb my motor during this Sunday's enduro. I always get paranoid before the 1st ride of the year. :)

I wouldn't stress over it to much. The probability of that happening is quite low. However, I'm pissed that I bought that piece and now I can't find it.. :) I'm going to replace it sooner than later though.

I'm pissed that I bought that piece and now I can't find it..

And I thought I was the only one who does this :)

TimBRP, do you have a link to that choke part that you bought...that you lost? I didn't see it on XR's Only web site. Thanks.

...I'm going to try the 172 main and see how that works out. Maybe were a little on the rich side.

It came with a Big Gun exhaust and a 170 and I ran it fine last year. The enduro I'm running Sunday requires a spark arrestor, which the Big Gun doesn't have. I just threw on a stock exhaust (that I bought on E-Bay just for the hell of it 'cuz it was cheap ($40) last year), drilled it, and put in a 175. I bought a 172 also but at sea level and 50 deg. I'm gonna err on the rich side. I'll let you know results if I mess with it in warmer weather.

B.t.w., I might keep the stocker on there. Wanna buy a Big Gun ? :)

what choke problem are you talking about that could grenade my motor???

I'm all set with a big gun. I'm buying the E-series from BobIT soon...can't wait.

Just found my aftermarket billet one. Installing tonight. Watch out when you buy one those little bolts get lost quick. Going to lowes to try and find another.

A little off topic but, I ran a TIGHT enduro yesterday and stalled from bouncing off trees alot. I had a miserable time restarting all day. Wore me out. It was down at sea level (it's fine at 1300'), 50 degrees, 175 main, 68s pilot.

Would a 70 pilot have helped or should I have messed with the air(fuel?) screw ?

Brian I'd say air/fuel screw. However think about the float convo I was having with OLD MAN there.. float adjusting . Sounds like it could be somewhat relevant to your issue. You may be even to rich at times. who knows. It's trial and error.

Jetting Guide from The Pig Pen


Sea level and 50F

A 70 pilot is recommended.

If you flooded then turn off the fuel, hold the throttle WTO, pull in decompression lever and kick through 5-6 times to clear excess fuel. Turn on fuel and start.

Turn your idle up and see if that helps. If it runs on it may be too lean also..

Here's a wrench in the story (we never give you all the info you need, right ?). Later in the race I figured out that if I gave it half or more throttle (big no-no, right ?) it would start. It was often hot, 250 deg., (I love my new temp. guage) and boiled over in a couple of the mud bogs. I did get some backfires after the failed kicks.

I just checked my fuel screw and it was 2 1/2 out.

Make any sense to anyone ?

I appreciate your attention, guys.

where did you get the temp gauge... is it the one that goes inplace of the dipstick

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