Enduro lap times

My buddies and I are getting ready to race our local Enduro race series. As of right now we have a whooped out 32 mile track that we have been recording our lap times on. This track has everything from tight single track to wide open fast desert style. This track also has plenty of rocky sections and some where you even have to crawl over. It includes a nice deep sandy section where if you are not going fast enough it will put you into the ground. The fast lap I have put down so far is 32.42 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. I want to get a general idea of where I am at in my training.Oh did I mention that this track is whooped out beyond belief. My goal is to be in the Pro class by the beginning of next season. I ride a YZ450FX with a Dr. D's full exhaust and I 100% love this bike.

Typically Enduro events are not 'races', so speed is not the issue.  They are typcially controlled speed races, awarding negative points for arriving at check points too early or too late.


Maybe your local club calls the events 'Enduro' races, but they are probably a variation on Hare and Hound, GNCC, MX, etc. 


29mph average speed for 32 miles is very fast, for and  'enduro' loop, and very slow for a 'desert' loop at the expert level.


You can best guage your speed by comparing yourself against other racers in various classes. 


Oh, and the 'Pro' class means a rider that is Factory sponsored and is amongst the best in the world.


You probably mean 'Expert' class.


The only riders you need to worry about right now are the ones that are directly in front of you.....

Lap times are completely dependent on terrain and conditions.  32 miles in an hour tells nothing.  I could do 60+ miles in an hour if the lap was all on pavement.  I've also had races where you only make it 15 miles in an hour. (mudders)  Just gauge your speed and fitness on the guys in your class.  If you're faster than your class, move up.  If you're slower, work on your training.  

Thanks for the input. I live in a mix of mountains and desert so our events are a good mix of desert and Enduro type tracks. The track we practice on has one section of desert like trials and the rest is light to heavy Enduro to help us prepare for the worst.

Maybe invite a couple of the top guys from the series you plan to race to come ride your loop with you?  See how their times compare?

Maybe invite a couple of the top guys from the series you plan to race to come ride your loop with you?  See how their times compare?

You know, that's not a bad idea. I was thinking about that the other day.

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