2003 wr450 top clamp vs 2006- scotts submount

Hey guys

So im getting the itch to put on a Scotts steering stabilizer,

Submounted, preferably with the rubber mounted bars on factory top

clamp, as seen on BRP.com

BRP site lists the rubber mount set for 2006-2015 stock top clamp.

Lists other kits including aftermarket top clamp compatible from 1998

to 2015, so it looks to me that the critical aspects of the clamps are


the only diff i can see in pics of the 2003 and 2006 are the shape of

the front of the clamp that the wiring cluster hangs from, and I believe has no difference in the rear portion.

am i right in thinking that the 2006 kit will work on the 2003 top clamp?


Call Scotts and ask them

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