Throttle snapped off

Was popping some wheelies on my Yamaha wr450f, went a little too high and fast on one and lost control. Fell off the back of the back, bike hit the ground.

Didn't think it'd do anything bad until I went over to it and saw the whole throttle snapped off, plastic inside the grip included.

I bought a replacement, will this be an easy fix or should I bring it to a shop to do?

Also, the handlebars won't turn to the left now, possibly a bearing issue?

I have pics but not sure how to post from my phone

Replacing the throttle tube is pretty easy. Make sure you note how the cables go into the tube and do not push the tube into so far it binds on the end of the bars. Basically it should snap right back after you pull it back and let go. Personally I do not run full bar guards so like using an aluminium throttle tube that has a bearing in the end. I went this was after breaking a plastic tube in the bush years ago and having to deal with getting the bike out which was not fun.


Then putting on new grips unless you are able to reuse the old one..


As far as the bars not turning to the left, there could be a number of things. I would put the bike on a stand so the tires are off the ground and start methodically start looking at what's causing the problem. Its most likely something simple BUT not being able to turn them at all one way sounds somewhat drastic.See if you can post some pics.

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