DRD Carbon Fiber Airbox ??

I just saw a review of this in MXA... Need some real live feedback....Is this item really worth $499.00 & is the power increase: low, moderate or substantial? I realize the weight savings 2lbs.

Does the jetting need to be changed?

Hey Dave, It better be a 10 hp gain for that $$, what do you think of your DRD pipe?

I went to qualify for Loretta's last Sunday, crashed in practice, broke the bike(rearranged right radiator, and my a@#(very nice bruise). It was a very disappointing day man, my entire family was there and everything. Guess theres always next year, I'm getting tired of saying that though. Hows Big Gun's track??


Egad and Shawn called me a Jackass for spending 45 bucks on a ring nut spanner tool

Go Ahead Shawn Call him names too :)

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I've got a DrD CF airbox coming in on Friday...didn't get it for more power...who needs more??? Weight saving is the only reason. 500 bucks for two pounds saving is pretty cheap....

I had the DrD wet sump installed last week (Larry Dukes at LSD did it for me...I think you know Larry...he said it was a pain in the a$$)and you can diffently feel the weight savings. Easier to flick around and less tiring. Sounds crazy to say that about 3.5 pounds.

And yes I am getting a 03 450.....someone will be getting a trick 01 cheap! I am the first one on the list at my dealer.

Dave are you going to Silver Dollar this weekend, if so look for a 01 with MGR on the shroud and a huge #8 on it...I always park down by the starting gate.



I don't know how similar the DSP CF airbox is to the DRD one but I just installed the DSP one on my bike with the Henry velocity stack last week and it made a big difference. It seemed to lean it out just slightly as the bike was popping a bit on deceleration but I haven't had time to play with the jetting as my rear hub is now busted to pieces. But I could not believe the mid range hit I'm getting now. The bike absolutely rips outa corners. Just my .02


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