2016 YZ450 Engine Noise

I just picked up a 2016 YZ450 a few months ago have about 20 hours on.  Last time I had it out it started making noise from the top end after it warmed up, the only way I can describe it as a lose rocker arm (I know this bike doesn't have rockers).  I checked the timing chain tensioner seemed to be OK i was wondering if any one could help.  I wouldn't think this sound is normal, ill try to get a video on here thanks.

It's a notoriously noisy engine.  You would do well to find another one or two to listen to just to see how yours compares.  But I wonder, does the noise go away when you pull in the clutch lever?

I'll check the clutch but it wasn't like this when new but after about 18 hours it started

Here is a link to a video of the bike after ridding it for about 10 minutes


Are you talking about the ticking...? If so, funny you ask this, because yesterday for the first time I heard this on the way back to the truck after a 2 hr, high paced trail ride. I'm familiar with the clutch rattle and the typical noises the yami makes, but that ticking was something new. After washing it and putting a new air filter in it today, I briefly started it up, didn't ride it around or anything, just ran it for about a min... And I didn't hear the noise.

It sounds similar to a hydraulic lifter that won't pump up... ( but it doesn't have hyd lifters )

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Mine will only do it once it gets up to operating temperature, I'm going by the dealer tomorrow see what they think

My 2016 makes a sort of rattle noise when  the clutch is let out in neutral. Curious that it was mentioned. So is it normal

The clutch rattle is normal. The majority of them do that. When clutch pulled in, it goes away... Nothing to worry about.

The ticking heard in the video when revved up a bit, does not seem normal... Mine as well just generated this noise and am going to look into it myself.

Curious to hear what the dealer says Billy.

After listening to the video, I have almost the same issue but not as intense, Mine is just a lifter tap type of noise, yours seems like a rotating noise. Mine started after I changed the oil and about 1 hour of riding. I have a 09 yz450. One comment on here stated after he replaced the air filter it went away, funny because before my last ride I checked the air filter and it was pretty dirty so I have ordered one and wondering if that will oddly fix the problem, But I have been told that this noise is normal.

I just got out of the dealership they listed to it and think the noise is coming from the valves. Not sure how a tight valve would be noisy but the tech that looked at it seemed confident. So I'm heading home to pull it apart I'll post what I find

Interesting. I can see how having a higher clearance value than a tighter clearance. But who knows. Hopefully we are not on to something. I suppose I will tear mine down as well and check it out.


If the air filter affected the noise, it was likely the slide rattling in the carb in response to the vacuum pulse at idle.

Oh I have no doubt that the air filter has nothing to do with it. It wasn't even dirty. ( but in particular and cleaned it anyways ). I'm not entirely sure why I put that in there, maybe to reference the small amount of run time and work I've done to the bike, since I last heard it. Sorry for the confusion.

The noise is def valve train related. And it is very new. I have a 4 day weekend and am hoping to tinker with it tomorrow. I left my nice feeler gauges at work though.

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did you change the type of oil you use before this ride?


If the air filter affected the noise, it was likely the slide rattling in the carb in response to the vacuum pulse at idle.

Carb??? In a '16 450?? ;)

Carb??? In a '16 450?? ;)

I'm pretty confident Gray knows when yamaha went to fuel injection. He wasn't talking about a '16. It's the '09 that broke back posted about. Edited by xcbuckeyeguy

I'm pretty confident Gray knows when yamaha went to fuel injection. He wasn't talking about a '16. It's the '09 that broke back posted about.

I know he does, I'm just messing with him. :)

Took mine out for some silly riding around in my pastures yesterday to see if I could troubleshoot the noise. Didn't hear anything the first 2-3 mins while warming up. After opening it up and a few wheelies, i started to hear it come back. After about 20 mins of wheelies and practicing starts, I went back to the shop, the noise was faint, but there. And not near as defined as it was when I pulled off the track last weekend.

I put a long screw driver up to my ear (redneck stethoscope) and touched various parts of the engine to try and pinpoint the location, seems to be most pronounced at the exhaust port.

Probably a valve. I've got a practice race this weekend. Then some races coming up at the end of this month. I'm gonna see how it acts this weekend, pay a little closer attention to it, then check the valves.

I finally had some time to check the valves on my bike. There was one intake valve that was at minimum spec so I went down one shim, put it back together and now there both right in the middle of the operating range. changed the oil and checked the coolant and it was low, really low has me worried I remember checking it on my last oil change and it was OK. So I think the noise might just be the bike over heating?  Plan on doing Leak down test once I get the tools. feel a little dumb not keeping a closer eye on it just my last bike never lost any coolant so I got a little complacent in that area I guess. hope I don't have to rebuild the engine.

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