Yz426f 4pot caliper change need help

426f brakes. Hi guys can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the bottom of my left hand fork leg. It's 2001 yz426f. But have just removed an oversized front rotor set up. I have purchased oem reconditioned front caliper new rotor and am waiting for my hose to arrive in next few days. It's the part the caliper bolts onto. It looks as though it's screwed onto the leg as I see threads inside of 1 hole in it. My new caliper bracket is to small for this fitting. I've just fitted new seals pads etc and floating disc and shop said pads fit Rd 350. The oversized caliper is braking model c42421 4 pot. Hope someone can help. Or have this side leg but trashed lying around. Grey racer any help as usual greatly appreciated.

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It doesn't work quite like that.  You can take the axle lugs off the fork legs, but only once.  They are threaded on, then locked in place by an Allen set screw.  The set screw damages the threads on the fork leg, so the imprint from the screw has to be drilled out in order for the lugs to be unscrewed at all, and there goes the threads for the locking screw.  Even with that, there's nearly always thread damage to the lug, and they should not be re-used even if it looks like it could be.


A professional suspension shop should be the one to do this.

Thanks grey as usual you are a bank of knowledge.

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Grey racer is the axle lugs on all years yz426 all same size? How about the wr426? Also the 450 later versions are all the axle lugs same size brackets to strap caliper onto? I think this caliper maybe from a later 450 from reading on here all night. It's around 10-20mm shorter from fixing holes on caliper bracket. But my head is spinning looking at all info I'm finding. Thanks in advance for you're help.

I'm thinking I may (hopefully) just need a different year caliper bracket which is why I'm asking sizes etc. Also can you give me any info on what exactly is a floating ground. I'm running wr stator plate and rotor with polisport twin headlight and rear light on ac circuit. I want to run a horn on dc and info on here I've read over and over again but this floating ground is baffling me. Any advice info for someone who is just learning as I go along with help from here and manual.

No, they aren't all the same, and  your root problem may be that you don't have the same year fork you think you have.  Nothing, as far as the lugs themselves, from an '04 up is going to fit to your forks because there was a diameter change from 46 to 48mm that year, and they changed at least twice more after that for various reasons.  They are available as replacement parts from KYB dealers, and again, a pro suspension shop may be privy to more of the details of the differences, if any among the years '98-'03. 


A picture of the tops and sides of the forks might be helpful in identifying them.

Will upload pics after work in morning thanks grey

Thanks for help it was as simple as the caliper from fleabay wasn't correct 1 hence not fitting. Had it returned and got correct caliper and bracket with new rebuild kit inc pistons and they returned 45% of original cost. Now sorted but as usual thanks greyracer.

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