Help with my 2009 yz450f

I just purchased a 2009 yz450f. While riding home I ran out of gas and a friend gave me some gas to make it home. Now the bike doesn't wanna idle and has a miss while riding. I love the power of my bike but am stumped to why it will not idle and run without a small miss. I did notice that the rubber boot from cylinder to carb looks like it has a couple cracks. Can you guys tell me what all could cause this so I can start trouble shooting one thing at a time. I love this bike and the power but I've not owned one since I was 13 and I'm 40 now.

Spray your carb boot/joint that you feel could have a crack with some carb cleaner or wd-40 if the idle rpm changes you have an air leak and the boot should be replaced.

As far as running it out of gas an running poorly after, did you get a bad supply of fuel I typically run 93 in these modern 4 strokes.

Another possibility is you happend to get a piece of gunk from the bottom of the tank in the pilot jet passage in the carb, these tanks do have a screen in them but I've still seen things make there way into the carb.

Okay I will check that thanks for the reply

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