Should I buy?

Well I've been shopping and researching several makes and models and think I'm picking up a 2003 WR450 with 840 miles on it Monday. SUPER CLEAN! Entire bike is in spectacular condition. It's a 2 owner, comes with original Certificate of Origin. KBB values it at $2360

He's asking $2300, but said he had some wiggle room. How low should I try to get him? Oh, all stock except for handguards I believe.

(Or I could pick up a 2000 WR400F for $1500)??

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Here is the 450


Negative on the  2000 wr400f.   Get the wr450f instead.    Always choose e-start if you have a choice, especially if its a 450.  


That one looks clean and hardly ridden. Its a great trail bike, easy to ride and will last a long, long, long time.


Price seems fair.   Get it down as much as you can, but its easily worth what he's asking.

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Just a note the 03 WR's had some starter issues and the flywheel key needed to be loctited on.

Awesome thanks for the replies and yeah I knew about the starter deal. It sounds like it's a painless enough fix though

I will definitely do the upgrade. With 840 miles since 03, how urgent should I make this though? I've been off a bike for a while and no doubt I'm chomping at the bit for a few good rides anyway.

I sure hope I'm happy with it and it's not a maintenance beast. My other choice is a 97 xr400 that is just as clean.

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wr450's are so reliable that they are boring.  The valves rarely if ever move.   The piston and rings last for a few years...  at least.   


You will change water pump seals, fork seals. and radiator hoses, which is nothing.


If you like work on bikes, then a wr450 is not the one to buy.  There is nothing to do.


Just buy the damn thing already!

Just_a_trail_rider.......I'm getting her in 2 hrs! LOL, I appreciate the push at the end, my wife laughed too.

Just_a_trail_rider.......I'm getting her in 2 hrs! LOL, I appreciate the push at the end, my wife laughed too.

Glad to help.    So... where are the picks.


A few years ago before I started sipping the orange kool aid, I had an 05 wr450 and my buddy had an 03 wr450.   


We rode both of them in the desert and on dual sport rides in remote areas.  Never had any problems.  He did the woodruff key fix and that was about it.


There was absolutely nothing wrong it and it was foolish of me to sell my wr450 for the KTM 450  (which never stayed running and very quickly drained my bank account to damn near zero).    I bought the wrong KTM thumper and ended up selling it for parts.   


You can help yourself by dialing in the carb to remove the bog if you have it.    The adjustable leak jet is what did it for me, although I could have simply changed the existing leak jet from a 40 to a 50 and that would have done it quite cheaply.


If I were to have that bike all over again, the first thing I'd do is upgrade the front brake to a larger rotor.    It was never evident to me how pitifully bad the yamaha front brakes were until I rode the KTM's.   Second thing is the seat.    


Other than that, everything else will be based on preference and not a must have.


Where are the pics?

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Looks like he already changed to a GYT-R exhaust insert, did the Grey wire, and removed airbox baffles. He installed YZ cam last year. It has service and oil change records, service manual for WR and one for YZF. Oil, filter, another rear sprocket, a copy of " DirtBike" mag from June '03 when they did a write up on it, Cert. of Origibn, AND a helmet.


That bike is really clean.  It looks like it was never ridden.


Congrats!   Now, order that larger front brake rotor, definitely get the yz fender and baja designs style tail light...  


This is a really fun trail bike...  so go get some dirt on it....

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