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Cracked case

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Bike CR125 2003.

So I went riding a sand track today and on the first laps warming up the left engine case suddenly got cracked. There is a visible crack above the front sprocket and a piece of case and a couple of bearing balls came out from under the sprocket. I havent even looked closely or disassembled anything yet but I suspect I will need a new left crankcase plus some gears and other stuff probably. Problem is there doesnt seem to be any 2003 left cases available anywhere as it seems to be discontinued. However both case halves are available for a 2004 CR125 and the title says 03-04 for those parts. It is a different part number than the 2003 case but is it still the same part?

I mean can I just buy the 2004 left case where available and it will fit the 2003 motor? Does anyone know this?

Or does anyone here have a spare 2003 CR125 left crankcase maybe?


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