2009 yz 450f clutch actuator seal

So i just picked up a 2009 yz 450f today and the clutch actuator seal is leaking. Im not exactly to sure as to how to change it as i thought it was as easy as taking the clutch cover off and take the shaft out and replacing it. But it almost looks like the only way i can get to it is to split the actual motor in half to replace it and i dont wanna do that. Can someone pls tell me how to replace it as its starting to leak pretty bad.

Remove the clutch cover, pressure plate, both push rods and the ball, then disengage the return spring and pull the shaft out.  There's a snap ring over the seal.


This seal contains system oil pressure, so it needs to be installed reasonably right.  If there's too much motion in the shaft for the seal to control, you might need to replace the bearing, but that's pretty rare.

Alright thank you very much. Just didnt know since i never took a look inside haha.

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