2011 yz450f loses mysteriously loses clutch pull?

so I've been rebuilding this yz450f. I've finally got the bike running good, but now I've encountered a new problem. when I bought the bike it had a little bit of free play in the clutch lever, but the perch was a little messed up. so I bought a new lever/perch set and everything felt great. went to take the bike for a quick spin down the road the clutch suddenly went super slack. I thought maybe the cable slipped further into the perch but that was not the case. the lever/arm that comes out of the cases seems to not be springing back all the way. I read somewhere about the long rod and the lever/arm wearing out and thought this might be the case but I'm not sure. anyone else have any idea what causes this? im going to tear into it but i want to know what to look for. I'd like to get the parts ordered up asap.

so I tore the clutch apart and all looks pretty good to me. only thing I could find is the clutch springs are shorter than spec, 3 are at 48.57mm, 2 are at 48.74mm, and 1 is 48.36mm. what would cause this, improper torque settings? also, I don't think this is the root of my problem. there's no measurements for the push rod length so I can't tell if that's worn or not. what it seems like is the push rod is slipping out of the clutch actuator arms indent and not going back in.



If you took it apart and lost the little ball that rides into that rod in your picture it's no longer a mystery. Look up a parts breakdown online.

that's there, I just left it in place inside the small washer assembly piece. I made sure to check for that.i bought this bike second hand blown up and the previous owner tore into alot of parts and didn't bother taking the time to re-assemble everything properly so I've been finding little things here and there. I had taken apart the clutch previously to look it over and all seemed well than to. I just bit the bullet and ordered a new push rod, actuator arm, and springs and I'm hoping that helps. there's not many things in the clutch that can go bad, and it still has the slightest amount of pull, but barely any and it's not a stretched cable because when I took it apart and reassembled it was fine, somethings just not lining up right I'm guessing...


Don't know if you've discovered it yet or not but this site has a parts section where you can look things up and see how everything goes together and also gets part numbers and prices etc.

Helps tremendously when putting a bike back together with unknown history.


Also your push rod looks good to me. Is there slop in your actuator arm? Side to side movement ? It should pull right out if you've got everything apart still (might have to loosen up that snap ring). Take a pic of that if you would.

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I had pulled the actuator arm at the same time I pulled the push rod I just forgot to take a picture. it looked ok to me aswell, but I got all the parts brand new off ebay for a total of $50. what it feels like is the push rod is slipping out of the groove on the actuator and than not settling back, but if this was the case the clutch would not be staying engaged. also with the springs being 1.5mm shorter than yamahas specs that could play into aswell I guess. it's just really weird but I'm going to play a process of elimination. you can find info online of pushrods wearing out and causing this same symptom but as you said it looks pretty good to me

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