USB charger on 2003 YZ450F

I just got a smoking deal on a 2003 YZ450F in eastern Idaho. this is my first dirtbike. I currently do lots of exploring in my Suzuki samurai, but the desert is abusive to say the least and im hoping the bike will help me cover more ground at a lower cost. I use my phone for my gps which works great as long as i have a constant source of power. 


A search online tells me the stator on this bike is pretty minimal, but i was wondering if it would be possible to mount something as simple as this little outlet for the purpose of charging my phone?


I'm a new member, please excuse my ignorance and i appreciate your feedback.

Nope.  USB requires DC, and the whole electrical system is AC.  Without rewinding, the draw from the rectifier and the added DC circuit would prevent the ignition from working.

thank you, i just assumed it would be DC but that presents an obvious problem. ill have to explore a battery pack option then.

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